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Infrared Thermal Cameras…Just For Fun!


When I got my day started today, I was wondering maybe I was being too serious about these cameras and this amazing technology in my latest posts. I said some pretty nasty things about contractors that are not using this technology in their professional lives and then it struck me: I’m doing this blog purely for fun. So why get so serious on things that don’t matter all that much? I mean don’t get me wrong, some of these matter too much! But the whole point of this blog, is to educate you and provide you with the knowledge you need about this fascinating piece of technology.

So today I will talk about some fun daily applications for which you can find use in the thermal cameras and basically have some fun with it. These cameras are great for gifts, so feel free to give these do your friends or even your children. It’s like the night vision masks. You feel kind of thrilled just for wearing them. Only in this case, you aren’t in fear of going blind due to a strong light.

Ever wonder how much milk is left in that milk bottle and you don’t want to shake it around like a crazy person? Just use the camera (which can also be installed on your phone) and look through it. If the milk is refrigerated (and you should if you don’t want it to go bad) then the blue mass of milk you see in the thermal image is your milk. Pretty simple right? Let’s say you want to see if your cat is just sleeping and is not dead. You simply point the camera over the cat, and if you see heat being produced, you know your cat is alive.

Obviously there are a lot more serious things I would like to talk about than making sure your pets are healthy. One of which has to do with the type of objects you can scan with the infrared thermal camera. You can not see through glass or through any other surface and expect to view a normal infrared image. It is just not possible. So let’s say you are trying to scan your hand and that is behind a window, the camera will not pick up on the heat your hand is producing. Other things like a bag, won’t affect the camera’s imaging ability. Those are very thin surfaces that do not disrupt the normal radiation flow back to the technology system. So whenever you are trying to figure out what’s happening behind a certain surface, make sure that isn’t too thick. Now, obviously there are some infrared thermal cameras that can show you the heat behind a wall. In fact that’s what the professionals use in this technology. But for you, the general consumer it just doesn’t make sense to dump thousands of dollars on something that you will use a few times a year. It just doesn’t make sense financial.

Other fun things you can use the thermal camera for? Night hunting. I’m not kidding! You can go out in the woods in the night and hunt all the raccoons you like. Of course you will have an unfair disadvantage over the raccoons. So be aware of raccoons developing similar technology and fighting back at you (it’s a joke.)

I guess I didn’t have many serious things I wanted to discuss today. Probably all my serious energy was wasted in those earlier posts. I promise you tomorrow will be a much more serious and informative day. But once in a while we need to have some laughs, don’t we? I appreciate you guys sticking out even for this humorous post and I so much look forward to seeing you in the upcoming blogs.