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I know many of you will be wondering how come Aaron, a guy that has an Israeli background is interested in sharing his knowledge for free with the world. Well…I’ll tell you why: because education should always be shared and distributed to as many as possible regardless of their opportunity in life to access it.

My mission through this project, is to bring infrared thermal imaging a bit closer to the general population. I mean, just because if exists as an industry and profession, doesn’t mean that everyone should know about it. I’m not that full of my self. However it is something that can be used for in many daily parts of our lives, starting with our homes and the way those have been constructed. I believe that bringing people closer to the knowledge of thermal imaging, will improve the local neighborhoods and social circles. Because once you understand the importance of it, for sure you will be interested to start using it on your own homes and structures that require it.

Having said that, I don’t have anything for sale and as I will many times mention along the way: this is done on my part purely for educational purposes. I believe everyone should know about infrared thermal imaging, the same way everyone should know about web coding. It’s a skill set that will take you far into life.