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I don’t want this to be a class during which I – the professor – am just talking about a subject and you – the students – have to listen to me speak. I want this to be interactive. Many of the things we will be talking about, have physical applications to it. So many times I will be mentioning something, and then you will go do it, and then you will come back for more advice.

So it is an ongoing process of you learning how to use infrared thermal imaging and I want to make sure you got all the resources you need to understand it and apply it. So anything you need, any questions you have or any ideas perhaps you may have in your head: please, I want to listen to them all!

This is my personal e-mail address for this project that I am about to share with you. So obviously don’t spread it out too much. I mean if you have a few friends that would like to ask a question or two, that’s fine. But don’t go out on the Internet and start publishing it on forums. I’ll get so many spam e-mails that will make it harder for me to get to the ones that have something to say and are real, honest questions.

So with that being said, this is my e-mail address: infraredthermalimaging5@gmail.com

I look forward to your messages.