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And…we’re back!


Yes, sorry for these weeks of being inactive, as we were preparing our thermal imaging company for some new product launches during this spring. As you know, during the more warmer months our products get an increased demand for use. So we needed to take care of that first before we come back to this wonderful community we have created.

Basically today’s article is more of a “let’s catch up” article to get things moving forward again. Have you found articles posted in previous weeks to be helpful? I think the more foundational ones explaining the importance of this technology are good to spark your interest but when you get into the more advanced, then it really becomes interesting.

The daily applications in thermal imaging are what I find to be the most useful part of this technology. As we have mentioned before,  infrared thermal imaging doesn’t need to be used just by the roofers or the pest control companies. Thermal imaging can pretty much give you an idea of what exists behind any wall, behind any surface and it gives you an in depth idea of your home. It’s a great way to detect living creatures that are visiting your home, and will help you protect yourself from them. The great thing is that now more and more apps are being created that are thermal imaging and people don’t need to take out a mortgage to afford this technology. So if you are someone that isn’t a professional and doesn’t need an exact and high power thermal evaluation, tries those apps and you should be able to get over small issues and problems around your home. If you are a professional and thinking of being cheap on such an important product, please don’t do so: at least not before you talk with us

The greatest thing about technology getting deeper into the thermal imaging area of science is that we soon will be able to pretty much have alarm systems that are setup to inform the home owner of an intruder (regardless if it’s  person or an animal.) It’s an incredible tool that potentially in the future could help through the adjustment of the heat evaluation power in avoiding unexpected and unpleasant intruders. Just having a thermal imaging camera informing your security system and firing off the sirens isn’t a good idea (because you will be waking up with every fly that goes by.) But being able to have artificial intelligence within the cameras…now that will be something amazing. In fact I know that this technology exists and isn’t available to most consumers. But it would be very helpful for this to hit the markets. I don’t know how many people would buy this, but security is important so we should all pay attention.

Okay that is all we got for you today. Just a quick hi and making sure everyone is doing fine. I will post something very interesting tomorrow, so I hope you will join our little community.