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Equipping public service departments with thermal cameras.


So I had a thought today: what if we tried and did some good with the infrared thermal imaging technology available to us, today? What if we tried to benefit and ease the lives of people around us? In the latest article I said that it could be used for contractors or even termite detecting companies. But I am not talking about private companies and private entities. I am referring to the public service that certain professionals offer, every day in their careers.

For instance, think of a firefighter. Many times they need to get into a building, and although they are not stupid to walk into a building (without being prepared) that is on fire, many times they question whether to enter a room that has extreme heat in it. So imagine an apartment building on fire, and firefighters trying to get into a room to save someone or to clear that area: extreme heat can cause great problems to them. So what if we provide them with the thermal imaging equipment to measure what’s actually happening in that room?

Believe me: it would make their lives a whole lot easier and would probably save more people too. Because when you have the thermal imaging technology, you can actually see other living beings through it. So before you even enter a room, you will be able to tell if people behinds those walls are there. This will spare the firefighters so much time, in debating whether to smash the doors down and help that person in need. Before any of you start saying things about heat being extreme and will affect the vision of the cameras: know that these infrared cameras are actually capable of comparing different objects thermally. So it will not show the exact “redness” as another object in the room. For instance: if you put an apple on the table and next to it you place an ice cube, the apple will show you more heat in the infrared imaging. In fact, it may eve come up as red. Simply because the ice cube must be blue in the image.

So there can be great benefits of allowing to see what’s happening in a flaming room. If you are noticing a more blue “object” that is moving and has legs…well you better get in there and do something. It’s going to give firefighters a lot more certainty in my opinion. Also, many times the roof of  a home may be on fire, or a special part of a roof on top of a room. By using the infrared thermal camera, firefighters can understand whether they should get into that room or not. How many times have these people walked into rooms, and then the sealing collapsed on top of their heads? So many times, is the answer!

The same way they are working to protect us, we (we as the government) should make sure we provide them with the tools they need, to not only keep them safe but to also keep us – the people, safe. Improve the quality of their line of work, and you will for sure get a good return on that good will. They will have more confidence, better knowledge of the situation in a flaming building, and greater passion to help those that need that help.

Of course I don’t know why I’m writing this to you people. You are not government officials that call the shots. But at least I’m trying to somehow inspire you to talk to people you know, that have influence on such decisions. Believe me, I don’t have any relatives that are firefighters whose tails I’m trying to save. I don’t even sell these cameras through this site. I am simply trying to make sure this is being heard, and the importance of this technology is being taken advantage of. It’s really important to utilize the most out of what we got. And infrared thermal imaging, is a lot of what we got.

Talk to you later, bye!